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Quality Creations company is an innovative distributor and supplier of LED Lighting and Display products.

Led lights are made without any metal halide, sodium and mercury gases to put down the electrical losses to the lowest level by using world's high quality materials.

We strengthen the optimum efficiency of our products with the warranty and technical specifications offered with it.

We realized about the consuming energy sources in lighting. Although traditional lighting instruments so far provided the lighting for the humanity, current level of energy sources in the world cannot meet the electricity consumption for lighting. As a matter of fact, lighting is only for the human eye.

With roots in the server industry, where the need for high power LED all started, Quality Creations has grown in to one of the top Supplier in the world today. With focus on precision and quality, Quality Creations is leading the field in the high power LED lighting Company. Currently experiencing tremendous growth, Quality Creations will not slow down in its pursuit of perfection, and will continue to develop lighting products that can help reduce humankinds carbon footprint. We know we all have a responsibility to protect the fragile planet we live on, and Quality Creation is at the front of the pack, leading the way forward.

QUALITY Creations Strengths:

  • Create Quality Control Management
  • Innovation In Lighting
  • Best Service
  • The pursuit of perfection
  • Professional Team
  • Customer Satisfaction

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